Meeting Chairs

Meeting table chairs are chairs designed for use in company meeting areas. They are dynamic chairs that facilitate communication and interaction. They usually use swivel mechanisms, but there are also 4-legged chairs or cantilever chairs, depending on each user´s needs. Meetings are one of the basic activities carried out in any company. Important decisions are made on these; customers and suppliers are attended to, so it is very important to have the right kind of seating.

What is a meeting table chair?

Meetings are one of the basic activities carried out in any company. Every day, meetings are held with the staff of one department or another, with management, with suppliers or clients... Meetings are part of the day-to-day running of any company and to be able to carry them out comfortably, the chairs that we use are of the utmost importance. An office is not just made up of office chairs, meeting room chairs are an often-overlooked element that are also part of the company's image. Meeting table chairs are those used at tables used for holding meetings where we will be sitting for quite some time. They are also usually called meeting chairs. There are different types of chairs that we can use for this type of table depending on our budget, taste and how long we plan on being seated. Also taking into account the type of meeting to be held and where it is to be held. Because a management meeting in the CEO's office is not the same as a meeting with a supplier in an informal meeting room.

Meeting room chairs

Meeting chairs with wheels are the most ergonomic and comfortable option for use at meeting tables. There are models of chairs with wheels that fit perfectly to the meeting tables and allow us to sit comfortably for however long is required. Furthermore, they allow us to move around quickly and comfortably if we so wish. These chairs also have armrests which make our experience even more comfortable.

Four-legged chair

The most used option due to its price is the four-legged chair, since it is deemed that we do not need to move around in meetings. Within the four-legged chairs range we have upholstered options, which will always be more comfortable, and plastic, wood or metal chairs. We must bear in mind that, depending on the length of time we are going to spend in a meeting, upholstered chairs will offer us much more comfort. Plastic chairs are more suitable for short meetings or for specific moments. They are highly practical as they can be stacked and stored quickly and take up very little space. Another aspect to take into account are the armrests. If the chairs have armrests, they always provide more comfort to the user. However, when we use them at a meeting table they can go without them as we will be able to support the arms on the table, which, in turn, means the chair will take up less space. At Ofichairs, you will only find the best quality chairs, guaranteed. Everything from management desk chairs to task chairs or classic-style chairs. As experts in seating, we take care of every last detail to ensure that our products are durable and comfortable. Because design alone is not enough; quality and finish are also important when it comes to opting for one model over another. Choose Ofichairs.

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Las reuniones son una de las actividades básicas en cualquier empresa. Cada día tenemos alguna sesión con el personal de algún departamento, de dirección, con proveedores o clientes. Las reuniones forman parte del día a día de cualquier empresa y para poder llevarlas a cabo con garantías las sillas que utilizamos son importantes. Una oficina no está sólo compuesta por sillones de despacho o mesas de escritorio, hay otros espacios que también requieren de mobiliario adaptado como las sillas de las salas de reuniones son un elemento muchas veces ignorado que también forman parte de la imagen de la compañía.