• Wind chair, blue fabric backrest
  • Wind chair, blue fabric backrest
  • Wind chair, blue fabric backrest
  • Wind chair, blue fabric backrest
  • Wind chair, blue fabric backrest
  • Wind chair, blue fabric backrest
  • Wind chair, blue fabric backrest
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Wind chair, blue fabric backrest

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Daily 8-hour use

This chair is suitable due to its morphological conditions for daily use of more than 8 hours. It is an ideal chair for professional and intensive use which can also be used Daily use 8 hours

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Tilt Mechanism

this type of mechanism allows the chair to be tilted back or locked in a fixed position. The backrest and seat remain at a constant angle to accompany and cushion our movements.

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Injected foam

Injected foam is a type of foam normally used in sports car seats or on airplanes as it offers a superior level of performance to conventional foams. The main advantage of this type of foam is that it is non-deformable and always maintains the same shape and properties, unlike traditional foams that lose elasticity over time. Injected foam is recommended in chairs for professional and intensive use as they will always look impeccable, even after many years.

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Adjustable backrest

The backrest is height-adjustable by means of a sliding system. This type of mechanism is only found in high-end ergonomic chairs. By adjusting the height of the backrest, we can adapt it to the curvature of the back by reducing the stress on the lumbar and shoulder area.

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Descripción completa

The Wind office chair is for sale, a fantastic task chair at an incredible price. This model has all the extras of a task chair, plus it is extremely robust and built to last for many years.


If there's one thing that makes this model stand out, it´s the level of comfort it offers. This is mainly due to its ergonomic design, which allows the user to maintain a correct and healthy posture while working. Furthermore, both the seat and the back are made of injected foam, the same material used in racing cars.

The backrest is not only comfortable and robust, it is also height-adjustable, a function that very few chairs have and that is only integrated into high-end ergonomic chairs.


Through its exclusive rocker system, by moving the lever outwards the chair goes into this mode, by re-inserting it again the seat goes back into its normal fixed position. As you can see, this feature is very useful as it allows you to choose between the two options as you wish. This mechanism is normally only included in high-end chairs .


Wind is a chair that comes with multiple options. Leatherette version also available hereIf you wish, it is also available as a guest chair here.

  • Seat with Topmove height adjustment
  • Comfortable synchron mechanism
  • Ergonomic design
  • Thick seat upholstered with injected foam
  • Solid 5-spoke base

Información técnica

height from the ground 90/97
seat height 43-50
seat depth 47
wheels 11 x 50 mm (special carpets)
packaging measures 73x38x63cm
material Fabric
arms No armrests
Daily use Daily 8-hour use
maximum weight up to 150kg
approved Manufactured in accordance with the European EN-1335 standard
kind Swivel
Instructions Instructions.pdf
Wind chair, blue fabric backrest