Task Chairs

Task chairs or swivel chairs are the chairs that are most commonly used at operative or administrative workstations, usually in front of a computer. They are swivel office chairs designed for professional use, although you can also use them at home. Designed to help you work better and much more comfortably, they allow users to move more dynamically and perform their tasks more efficiently. We have all types of task chairs, swivel chairs, with adjustable armrests, with an aluminium base, for professional and domestic use. They come in different materials such as mesh fabric, faux leather, upholstery.

What is a task chair?

Task or swivel chairs are office chairs used in operative workspaces. Operative workstations are those where tasks are performed in front of the computer but that also require dynamic movement to perform other functions, get up, move around quickly and comfortably... It is of utmost importance that we make sure that task chairs provide users with well-being by preventing back problems resulting from the use of unsuitable chairs. Task chairs are also called computer chairs. However, home computer chairs should not be less demanding than office chairs. If we spend several hours a day on them or our children do, we should also seek out ergonomic and adjustable chairs. Quite often they are not suitable for weights of over 50kg, so, if they are used daily, they will stop working much sooner. It is much better to invest in higher quality from the start which will ensure that they last a long time. However, they are usually cheap office chairs.

Characteristics of swivel chairs

Let's look at what features comfortable office chairs should have in order to correctly support the user's back. The type of material used is also very important to ensure the durability thereof. These are chairs that will wear down due to intensive use and the quality will ensure greater durability.

Ergonomic design in a comfortable office chair

An ergonomic design is one that adapts to the shape of the human body, so that it specifically supports and protects the back area.  That S-shaped design following our back will prevent incorrect posture. An operative swivel chair should help us to naturally maintain a correct posture. It must also provide proper support to our back and neck.

Reclining backrest for swivel chairs

A task chair must allow the backrest to be adjusted using a mechanism normally located on the side of the chair. In this way, the user can change and set it according to the position he/she wants throughout the day. These types of chairs are usually also swivel chairs.

Swivel chairs with adjustable seat

A task chair must always be able to adapt to the user, so that he/she sits in a comfortable position. The height of the chair must be able to be adjusted. In this way, body weight is transferred through the buttocks, not the thighs, thus preventing circulation problems and overworking. The perfect height will be that which allows the shoulders and head to rest correctly on the swivel task chair. Seat adjustment is one of the basic elements to take into account when choosing a comfortable office chair. At Ofichairs, you will find only the best quality chairs with all the guarantees, from executive chairs, meeting table chairs to visitor chairs. As experts in seating, we take care of every last detail to ensure that our products are durable and comfortable. Because design alone is not enough; quality and finish are also important when it comes to opting for one model over another. Choose Ofichairs.

Preguntas frequentes

Las sillas operativas son las sillas de oficina que se utilizan en los puestos de trabajo administrativos de cualquier empresa. Son sillas pensadas para un uso profesional intensivo y por ello se pueden utilizar durante más de 8 horas. A diferencia de las sillas ergonómicas, las sillas operativas no ofrecen tanta capacidad de ajuste y su uso es más limitado y funcional

Debemos tener en cuenta que es una silla que vamos a utilizar durante una larga jornada de trabajo así que en primer lugar la silla giratoria de oficina que compremos debe ser cómoda. Hay varios elementos que debemos tener en cuenta antes de comprar una silla de oficina. El tipo de mecanismo es muy importante, debe permitirnos poder trabajar en una posición fija para que nuestra espalda no se resienta, también es importante que disponga de ajuste lumbar y que el respaldo sea ergonómico para poder adaptarse mejor a nuestra espalda. En función de nuestra altura, es recomendable que la silla de oficina disponga de reposacabezas y de brazos ajustables para poder trabajar de forma más saludable.