Stools are a type of chair or seat that normally have neither armrests nor backrests and therefore take up little space and are ideal for transit areas. Office stools are a type of seat that makes our daily life much easier, since they are practical and easy to move. In the office world, different types of stools are used depending on the spaces they are to be used in. That´s why, at Ofichairs, we offer you different options for you to choose the one that best adapts to your needs.

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Office stools

Office stools are designed for positions where we need to sit up straight, such as receptions or customer service areas. In this type of positions, one needs to be able to get into the seat quickly in order to be at the same height as the guest, so office stools are the best option. They are stools with wheels that will enable attending to guests in an agile way and to easily move closer to the user, if necessary. They are supported with five legs and wheels to allow us to move comfortably and quickly. They are usually padded for comfort and in abrasion-sturdy finishes as they will undergo intensive use. These stools are usually sold with different features depending on the office design. You may need stools with high, low and ergonomic backrests. Depending on the layout of the office.

Sturdier work stools

These are used in warehouses or areas that require greater resistance and are finished in plastic to facilitate cleaning and maintenance as well as ensuring the durability thereof. These types of stools are very clean and can be used in all types of spaces such as laboratories, workshops, warehouses, etc. And they fit into small spaces due to their size and ergonomic design. Wheeled stools are an excellent option in this case.

Stools for bars and reception areas

Bar-type stools are another option that we may come across since many offices have specific areas for meeting clients and suppliers or dining areas where these types of stools are used. They may also be used in reception areas. There come in different designs, finishes and colours to adapt to the needs of any space. These types of stools come with a backrest and padding for greater comfort. They are usually four-legged or with a central leg as they do not require being

moved. The stool is a functional piece and can be used in any space. This is why it has evolved to cover even more areas. At Ofichairs, you have a wide variety of stools and chairs to choose from according to your needs. From task chairs for any work area to guest chairs for receiving visitors.

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