• Spider Gaming Chair Grey
  • Spider Gaming Chair Grey
  • Spider Gaming Chair Grey
  • Spider Gaming Chair Grey
  • Spider Gaming Chair Grey
  • Spider Gaming Chair Grey
  • Spider Gaming Chair Grey
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360 image Vista 360
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Spider Gaming Chair Grey

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Faux leather

Synthetic leather is a type of material adapted to simulate real leather. There have been great technical progress in this field in recent years, with increasingly soft and sturdy materials becoming available. Its main advantages Synthetic leather

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2D adjustable armrests

These types of armrests are adjustable in height and depth. Fitting a chair with armrests reduces the stress on the user´s elbows, shoulder blades and back. Different ergonomics studies guarantee that working with the arms supported lightens the load on the invertebral discs helping to maintain a healthier posture.

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Daily 8-hour use

This chair is suitable due to its morphological conditions for daily use of more than 8 hours. It is an ideal chair for professional and intensive use which can also be used Daily use 8 hours

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Tilt Mechanism

this type of mechanism allows the chair to be tilted back or locked in a fixed position. The backrest and seat remain at a constant angle to accompany and cushion our movements.

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Top sellers

This product is among the most outstanding of our extensive catalogue due to its characteristics and great quality/price ratio. Definitely a safe bet

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Descripción completa

Introducing SPIDER, another spectacular model from the GAMEPRO brand, one of our top-selling chairs. Recommended by many YouTubers because of its great versatility, quality, comfort and price. Undoubtedly an excellent option for gaming lovers.

Every last detail has been taken care of, the wrap-around shapes of the back make it an extraordinary comfortable model. The design has also been very well taken care of, look at the meticulous design of all the seams and its famous logo.

Furthermore, it has a tilt reclining mechanism. This system allows the chair to tilt and rock, and you can even adjust the hardness or tension using the knob under the seat.

The back and seat have ergonomic shapes that provide optimal support for the body. As with racing seats, this support ensures correct body posture and absolute comfort. The thick foam padding is something else that takes comfort up to to maximum levels.

It includes cushions for the lumbar and cervical area as standard, that can be easily adjusted, put on or taken off by means of a practical elastic band system. This is a model adapted for intensive use of 8 hours per day, thanks to all its ergonomic features and adjustments.

The upholstery is made of sturdy and easy-to look after faux leather. Contrasting colour stitching and trim make the finish simply spectacular - there's no other chair like it!

The armrests are height adjustable, with soft rubber pads. As standard, the chair comes with wheels suitable for all types of floors, so you can use them with complete peace of mind. The upholstery is very sturdy, standing out for its durability and how easy to clean it is. 

In conclusion, this is a fantastic model that stands out for its exclusive sports design, high quality and superior comfort. Similar chairs cost over €400 in other shops, but at Ofichairs you can get it at a great price. Don't let this opportunity of enjoying a fantastic chair slip away!

  • Reclining backrest with headrests
  • High comfort with ergonomic shape
  • Includes adjustable lumbar and cervical cushions
  • Tilt mechanism with individual adjustment
  • Armrests that are adjustable in height with pads
  • Spectacular design in synthetic leather with seams
  • Reinforced base and wheels for all types of floors

Información técnica

height from the ground 119/129
seat height 45-55
seat depth 49
wheels 11 x 50 mm (special carpets)
packaging measures 78X32X60cm
material Faux leather
arms 2D adjustable armrests
Daily use Daily 8-hour use
maximum weight up to 120kg
approved Manufactured in accordance with the European EN-1335 standard
Spider Gaming Chair Grey