Remote working chairs

At Ofichairs, we are specialists in office chairs. On our website you will find an extensive selection of office chairs for remote working. All kinds of chairs to make working from home easier than ever. Home office chairs designed to take care of your back and ready to improve your productivity

Guide to choosing a chair for remote working

Remote working is here to stay; an increasing number of people are switching to this way of working and have started working from home instead of commuting to the office every day. There are many advantages to this way of working; improved work-life balance, greater schedule flexibility, savings in fuel, food expenses...However, if we really want to take advantage of our working day and work efficiently without noticing differences, it is essential to have adequate seating.  Ofichairs has drawn up some tips to take into account when it comes to choosing your chair for working from home.

Firstly, you have to consider how long you're going to be working for. Remote working chairs are manufactured to withstand an 8-hour working day. Another aspect to take into account is the backrest, it is advisable to seek out chairs with a good backrest height and that, if possible, have headrests because, in this way, the neck and shoulders get a better rest. One of the areas that undergoes the most stress when we're sitting down. The lumbar arch support also helps to relieve the pressure on the lower back so make sure the chair you have chosen has this function.  It is essential that the chair is equipped with armrests so that the posture maintained in the chair is a more natural one. If possible, look for chairs with adjustable armrests to better fit your table measurements.

The seats can be upholstered or come in mesh fabric. In this case, it depends on your taste; the mesh fabric seats are more breathable and easier to wash. If you are going to opt for an upholstered seat try to go for one with an injected foam seat as they are much more comfortable and sturdier than traditional foams. The chair mechanism is also very important, there are many types and for all budgets, the most advanced are the synchronised mechanisms, which accompany your movements, automatically adapting to your position. Tilting chairs enable choosing between fixed and relaxed positions. There are other simpler mechanisms such as permanent contact mechanisms where adjustment is manual.



Preguntas frequentes

Las sillas de teletrabajo son sillas de oficina adaptadas al home office o teletrabajo, son sillas de oficina profesionales para que no encuentres ninguna diferencia entre trabajar desde casa o en la oficina

En primer lugar, debes considerar cuánto tiempo vas a estar trabajando. Las sillas para teletrabajo son sillas ergonómicas para teletrabajar preparadas para aguantar una jornada laboral de 8 horas diarias. Otro aspecto a tener en cuenta es el respaldo, es recomendable buscar sillas con una buena altura del respaldo y si es posible que tenga reposacabezas, ya que de esta manera podremos descansar mejor el cuello y los hombros. Por último, el soporte lumbar también nos ayuda a descargar presión sobre la zona baja de la espalda