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What are office chairs like?

If you work in an office, office chairs are a very important element in your daily life and also for your health. We spend many hours sitting on them and that is why they are extremely important when it comes to preventing the notorious back pain and many other problems linked to poor sitting posture. In order to choose a suitable office chair to help us look after ourselves, we must take into account the following basic factors.

Lumbar arch support

A proper office chair will correctly protect the lumbar area, which is where we suffer the most pressure from sitting for hours on end. The office chair must support the entire lumbar region, so that it is always in the right position and well-protected. This is a feature inherent in some task chairs. In this way, our back will remain relaxed throughout the working day and the intervertebral discs will not be put under pressure that could damage them. It's the best way to ensure good back health.

Adjustable chairs

Office chairs must be adjustable, you must ensure that the seat can be adjusted both in height and in depth. In this way, we can adapt it to the needs at any given moment and adjust it perfectly to each user, since every user has a different physical make-up. Furthermore, it should have a backrest with different points of inclination that we can adjust if we want to remain in a straight position or relax for a little while. They should also have strong, adjustable armrests because they should support our weight when we sit down and stand up.

Ergonomic design

An office chair´s design must be adapted to the shape of the human body, so that it is particularly supportive and protective of the back area.  That S-shaped design following our back will prevent incorrect posture. An office chair should result in us adopting a natural shape and provide adequate support to our back and neck. Poor sitting posture can cause severe spinal problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, constant headaches and other health-related issues. And it's one of the reasons for a significant percentage of sick leave in offices. There are different types of office chairs depending on the type of job for which they are to be used and the type of work to be carried out. Whether you are looking for desk chairs or meeting chairs, Ofichairs has what you need. In each section we explain the characteristics and functions of these chairs so that you can choose the best option for you.

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