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A good office armchair must be, above all, comfortable and must also be well-designed and look good. Office armchairs are used in the office in management positions and we can also use them at home. They can come upholstered in natural leather or upholstered with the highest quality to offer greater comfort. They are also known as management chairs or office chairs. These high-end armchairs are usually manufactured using noble materials such as natural leather or aluminium. Other simpler models are made with faux leather, but, above all, the most important thing in a good office chair is that it is comfortable.

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What is an office armchair?

Office armchairs are usually intended for managerial or executive positions where a greater presence is required and maximum comfort for the user is sought. They are also often referred to as executive armchairs or office armchairs. This type of armchair is made in leather or very high-quality finishes and uses the best materials for unbeatable comfort and a long useful life. Office chairs are ergonomic and perfectly adjust to each user to help them carry out their day-to-day work. They are also carefully designed and with mechanisms of the highest quality. Our catalogue has everything from reclining swivel chairs to leather armchairs.

Some aspects that office chairs incorporate are:

Stability, the chair is stable thanks to a star support. Adjustable seat height to suit the user. Lumbar arch support, one of the most important aspects, should provide you with comfort in that area. Backrest can be adjusted vertically, backwards and forwards. It swivels easily and moves comfortably. Seat comfort and material, if it is soft, breathable and not too tight for you. Adjustable armrests. They share many features with desk chairs.


Comfort is also a priority in office chairs. For this, the seat must be curved downwards, which will provide greater comfort to the legs, relieve pressure and avoid different problems that we can suffer from being in a sitting position for hours on end. Furthermore, the size of the seat is also important. This type of seat can also be found in ergonomic chairs. The size of the seat should be a few centimetres wider than the hips and buttocks, as this area receives a lot of pressure when we are sitting, so we should not feel wedged in.

High quality of its components

Office chairs are designed with high quality components to ensure durability and comfort. They are finished in leather or cutting-edge materials that ensure resistance to abrasion and perspiration. The materials used in the mechanisms are also of the highest quality to ensure that they will last for a long time without becoming damaged. They also incorporate injected foams. The main advantage of these types of foams is that they are non-deformable and always maintain the same shape and properties, unlike traditional foams that lose elasticity over time. At Ofichairs, you will find the best quality chairs guaranteed; from high-end armchairs to office stools. As experts in seating, we take care of every last detail to ensure that our products are durable and comfortable. Because design alone is not enough; quality and finish are also important when it comes to opting for one model over another. Choose Ofichairs.

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