Installing and removing an office chair

The assembly of an office chair in general is a very easy task that anyone can do it without much effort. Most pieces are assembled together and only a few components like clockwork or arms may need some hardware.

If you bought a chair and have problems with the assembly to remember that you have at your disposal the assembly instructions for almost all models within the article information of each section in the web downloads.

If still you do not find the solution please get in touch with our technical department by phone, chat or email and we will gladly help you.


One of the most frequently asked questions we receive and is compatible with almost all models of office chairs is in relation to the mounting base.

In the following video we explain how. Basically there are 2 ways: the first option would be supporting the chair on the floor and placing the preassembled base before rotating wheels. The second option would be the reverse, first placing the preassembled ground base and then mount the top seat, both options are perfectly valid. Remember that once the base is mounted is advisable to sit in the chair so that the weight of the body itself finish attaching the base and the piston.

Another very common query we receive is like disassembling the piston an office chair once it has been assembled. It is true that this task can sometimes be a bit complicated since the use of the chair itself the piston has been set at the base and separate it costs more.

To remedy can do 2 things, the first choice is to turn the chair and hit the base of the piston with a rubber mallet. Recoder, it is important not to use traditional carpenter's hammer because it could damage the base. If you do not have a rubber mallet we can always cover the hammer with some rags to soften the blow.

Another solution is to lift the chair to be the sheer weight of the chair which separates the piston seat and a separate time this either much easier to handle.

In the last of the videos we explain how to remove the wheels from the base. If the chair has not been used previously simply make a gentle pressure on the wheels to separate from the chair. If instead you've been sitting in the chair, you may have set our own weight wheels and cost more to remove them. To solve the problem the easiest way is to rotate the base resting it on the floor and pull up to the contrary, in the next video we explain how.