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Guest chairs are office chairs normally used at desks to receive visitors or in meeting or reception rooms. They are highly versatile chairs with multiple uses, normally they are fixed chairs, although they come in all types; 4-legged chairs, cantilever chairs, with or without armrests, swivel chairs. The style of the guest chairs can also vary significantly depending on the environment, some models have more classic designs others with more modern designs. There are ranges of guest chairs that are also manufactured as task chairs or armchairs, for a more homogeneous set of furniture.

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What is a guest chair?

Guest chairs are some of the most commonly used in offices. This is the name given to the chairs used in offices or operative positions. They are used to receive visits from clients and/or suppliers and hold informal meetings with other team members. These types of chairs are used in all types of positions and may be cantilever or four-legged chairs as they are deemed to be more static chairs that do not require being moved easily. Guest chairs normally come with armrests. Although chairs with wheels can also be used if we so require. They are chairs which, in theory, are not to be used for hours on end, so they usually have a low backrest and come in a plastic or upholstered finish. Just like meeting table chairs, they can be comfortable and ergonomic chairs with a modern design. Getting your hands on a nice guest chair that is also cheap is not impossible.

Where are guest chairs used?

These are the chairs that guests will sit on when we have to personally attend to them or where we can attend to queries if working in an administrative position. They are also the chairs we use at the meeting tables. They can also be used in waiting rooms and receptions.

The most comfortable guest chairs

When it comes to choosing a guest chair, we must take into account the type of upholstery and foam used. As these are occasional-use chairs, four-legged chairs with low backrests are usually opted for as they provide greater versatility. The advantage is that they are quite often stackable. The type of material the chair is made from will also play a part in how comfortable it is. Some are made of plastic or wood. They come upholstered and padded which are more comfortable for long visits or if they are used for meeting rooms. We can also choose guest chairs with wheels that will be easier for their users to move. This type is more suitable for meeting tables. Another important option to bear in mind in guest chairs is whether we want them to come with or without armrests. Having armrests offers extra user comfort as they enable resting our arms on them. This type of chair can also be used for conference and training rooms, with the option of adding a tablet arm. At Ofichairs, you will find only the best quality chairs guaranteed, from designer chairs to classic style task chairs. As experts in seating, we take care of every last detail to ensure that our products are durable and comfortable. Because design alone is not enough; quality and finish are also important when it comes to opting for one model over another.

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