• Genius Chair White
  • Genius Chair White
  • Genius Chair White
  • Genius Chair White
  • Genius Chair White
  • Genius Chair White
  • Genius Chair White
  • Genius Chair White
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Descripción completa

Monitor your movements

Introducing Genius, a new concept in professional chair manufacturing. The chair comes equipped with a revolutionary mechanism that monitors, at all times, the positionof your body while you are sitting and warns you by emitting a soft beeping sound when you are not sitting correctly. Genius in an avant-garde chair using cutting-edge technology and that is entirely adjustable and customisable for each user.


The honeycomb structure of the backrest offers a unique user experience. The backrest automatically adjusts to your movements, relieving pressure on your back and giving you a feeling of weightlessness.

Total control

All chair movements are regulated by a central control lever. Fully-adaptable backrest. Its height can be adjusted into 4 positions. 

The seat has angle and depth adjustment. This is a very special feature, since it is not usual to be able to adapt the tilt, something that very few chairs on the market have. The ideal solution if you are looking to relieve pressure on the pelvis or if you have special needs when it comes to adjusting the seat. 

Includes synchronised recline mechanism with several positions to choose from. This system ensures that the back is constantly supported and therefore relieves the tension on the spine. The hardness or intensity with which it acts can be adjusted in order to customise it to your tastes.

  • Futuristic design
  • Movement control system
  • 4D adjustable armrests (height, angle, width and depth)
  • Headrest that is adjustable in height and angle
  • Adjustable lumbar arch support
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • High quality chrome steel base
  • Seat tilt adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Height-adjustable with 4 positions to choose from
  • Multidimensional honeycomb backrest
  • Multi-position Synchron mechanism with individual adjustment to the user's weight

Información técnica

height from the ground 103/113
seat height 45-55
seat depth 42-44
wheels 11x65mm (silent rolling)
packaging measures 66x65x54cm
material Mesh
Daily use Daily use 8 hours
maximum weight up to 150kg
approved Manufactured in accordance with the European EN-1335 standard
kind Swivel


Genius Chair White

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Genius Chair White