• Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
  • Ergoplus Chair Black
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Descripción completa

Introducing Ergoplus, a wonder of technology and comfort. Now within your reach at an unbeatable price! A high level ergonomic chair equipped with the latest technology and premium finishes.

Ergoplus is designed to suit the needs of any user, you can adjust the seat height, seat depth, height and angle of the armrests, 

the tilt, the hardness and the height of the backrest and the height and the headrest tilt. It's hard to find another chair on the market with a greater variety of adjustments, it's a real treat!

Furthermore, its mechanism is very easy to operate, in an easy and intuitive way, with just one finger you can adjust the chair without breaking a sweat. All this so that you can quickly and easily get into your ideal position.

Ergoplus is a chair recommended by the best ergonomics specialists. Designed particularly for people who spend more than 5 hours of their working day sitting down.

Highlights include independent flexible lumbar arch support. A very unique feature that allows you to always be in an optimal position where your back suffers as little as possible. The high quality of its finishes also stands out. The entire frame of the chair is made of chrome-plated aluminium, a noble and elegant material that provides extra quality and sophistication. A detail we find only in high level chairs.

  • Aluminium frame
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Multi-position synchronisation mechanism for adjusting the seat and backrest. Individually adjustable to body weight, can be locked in different positions
  • Flexible, comfortable lumbar arch support and pressure can be adjusted by means of the height adjustment of the backrest
  • 3D horizontally and vertically adjustable armrests
  • Ergonomic seat with adjustable seat depth
  • Height and angle adjustable headrest
  • Height-adjustable 4-stroke backrest
  • Breathable abrasion sturdy mesh
  • This chair meets all the safety requirements for office and contract spaces in accordance with DIN EN 1335 Part 1-3

Información técnica

height from the ground 102-120cm
seat height 50-62cm
seat depth 40-48cm
wheels 11x60mm (silent rolling)
packaging measures 66x65x54cm
material Mesh
arms movable arms
Daily use Daily use 8 hours
maximum weight up to 150kg
approved Manufactured in accordance with the European EN-1335 standard


Ergoplus Chair Black

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Ergoplus Chair Black