Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are office chairs that help us improve productivity levels and reduce fatigue and stress while maintaining healthier postural hygiene. They are the most technologically advanced office chairs. They have more adjustments and settings than conventional chairs to adapt to each user´s body. For this reason, they are one of the most valued and recommended typologies by health specialists and occupational risk departments as they help to improve people's productivity and efficiency by reducing fatigue and stress in the workplace.

What is an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomics studies the influence of working conditions on productivity. Hence, it is applied to the design of products and equipment, mainly in the workplace, with the aim of maximising productivity by reducing fatigue and stress levels. An ergonomic office chair is one that can be adjusted to suit each user. Its different parts adapt to the user´s characteristics . Poor back support can lead to painful microtrauma in the lumbar spine. This is so common that it is one of the main causes of sick leave in companies. It comes as no surprise that back pain has become one of the most common health problems among office workers. Up to 85% suffer from constant pain by the age of 50, due to the slow and constant damage caused over time by poor posture when sitting or by not using the right type of chair. A good ergonomic chair is essential not only for our back, but also for other aspects of our health such as our joints or blood flow.

Characteristics of ergonomic desk chairs

When we refer to an ergonomic chair, we are referring to various types of chairs. An ergonomic desk chair, gaming chair or ergonomic office chair usually has the following characteristics

Reclinable backrest

One of the advantages of ergonomic chairs is that they enable us to adjust the backrest to the needs at any given moment and to set it according to the position we want to adopt, so that the S-shape of our spinal column is supported at all times and to prevent overworking it.

Adjustable seat

The height of the chair must also be adjusted as well as the position of the seat in relation to the backrest so that we have enough space. The size of the seat must also be taken into account. It should be wide enough for us to be able to sit comfortably in the middle and still have some space around us. Furthermore, the front of the seat should be tilted downwards so that it does not squeeze the back of the knees or hinder blood flow in the legs.

Lumbar arch support

Our lumbar region is the one that suffers the most pressure when we spend many hours sitting down. This is why in this type of chair, the lumbar part must be well fastened and retracted, providing continuous support. The lumbar arch support of an ergonomic chair takes care of maintaining the natural posture so that your back is relaxed and reduces the pressure on the intervertebral discs. This way we won't be putting strain on our lumbar area. At Ofichairs, we only sell the best quality chairs guaranteed, from top of the range armchairs, operative chairs to office stools. As experts in seating, we take care of every last detail to ensure that our products are durable and comfortable. Because design alone is not enough; quality and finish are also important when it comes to opting for one model over another. Choose Ofichairs.

Preguntas frequentes

Las sillas ergonómicas son sillas de oficina que nos ayudan a trabajar con una correcta posición de la columna vertebral, espalda y brazos reduciendo las lesiones producidas por el sedentarismo y el hecho de trabajar muchas horas delante del ordenador.

La ergonomía es la ciencia que estudia la influencia de las condiciones de trabajo en la productividad. De ahí que se aplique al diseño de productos y equipamiento, principalmente del lugar de trabajo, con el objetivo de maximizar la productividad al reducir la fatiga y el estrés. En nuestro blog puedes encontrar más información y consejos sobre ergonomía.

La principal ventaja de las sillas ergonómicas es su alta capacidad de ajuste. Hay que entender que no todas las personas somos iguales, por eso es muy importante que la silla de oficina se pueda adaptar a las medidas y peso de cada usuario, esto nos ayudará a reducir la fatiga y los dolores musculares.

Además, las sillas ergonómicas son sillas de oficina tecnológicamente muy avanzadas, este tipo de sillas de oficina ofrecen en general los mecanismos más sofisticados ofreciendo una experiencia de uso muy superior a las sillas de oficina tradicionales.

Las sillas ergonómicas son las sillas de oficina recomendadas por todos los médicos y especialistas. Invertir en salud es siempre una buena decisión y nos ahorrará problemas futuros.  

En Ofichairs somos especialistas en sillas de oficina y queremos darte algunos consejos para ayudarte a elegir la mejor silla ergonómica. 

1. Revisa los brazos que sean regulables para ofrecerte un ángulo de 90 grados, independientemente de tu talla.

2. Es aconsejable que disponga de cojín lumbar o soporte lumbar.

3. Si eres una persona alta recomendamos comprar siempre sillas con reposacabezas y con regulación de profundidad de asiento. También disponemos de sillas XXL si necesitas sillas de mayor tamaño.

4. Preferiblemente siempre es aconsejable comprar sillas con mecanismo sincro para adaptarse más fácilmente a los movimientos.

Si todavía tienes dudas te aconsejamos que contactes con algunos de nuestros expertos que te ayudarán a tomar la decisión más acertada. En nuestro blog también encontrarás mucha información y guías con los criterios a tener en cuenta antes de comprar una silla de oficina, que te ayudarán a tomar la decisión más acertada