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The best companion for your studio is a desk chair or a computer chair. With them you can work, study and play comfortably from home. We have a wide variety of models with mesh backrests, upholstered, with a tilt or swivel mechanism. Choose the desk chair that best suits your needs. Desk chairs with extendable footrests are also highly valued because they allow you to work and rest at the same time. If you plan to use them for a long time we recommend the injected foam desk chairs, we have desk chairs or computer chairs for all tastes and budgets.

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What are desk chairs like?

Office chairs are also known as desk chairs, since they are the chairs used at a table or desk to work on. They are chairs that undergo intensive use as they are usually used in operative workplaces for up to 8 hours per day. It is therefore very important that we take into account their quality and ensure that they meet all the highest ergonomic standards. In this way, in the long run, we will save both in terms of how long the chairs last and in terms of preventing back problems, which are one of the main causes of sick leave. In addition to their ergonomic features, these chairs also stand out as modern desk chairs. There are several designs and possibilities when it comes to choosing these typical computer chairs. You can opt for a swivel chair or try out desk chairs without wheels. The catalogue is extensive and adapts to your needs, even if you require a youth or children's chair for the little ones in the house, you will find it.

Desk chair materials

Upholstery is the part of the chair that is in contact with the body and sometimes it is preferable to pay a little more for one that is of higher quality. The backrest must be made of a material that absorbs sweat during intensive use. Usually, all ergonomic chairs have different types of breathable fabrics with high abrasion resistance to withstand continuous use in the office. Furthermore, there are grid-type fabrics that allow for better perspiration. The type of foam they are made of is also important. The injected foams offer higher quality because they last much longer without becoming deformed.

Reclinable backrest

One of the advantages of desk chairs is that they enable adjusting the backrest to the needs at any given moment and to set it according to the posture we want to adopt, so that the S-shape of our spine is always in the right position and supported to prevent overworking it. The backrest must be adjustable in different points of inclination, as well as being set in a ´´free´´ position to allow for rocking during times of rest.

Adjustable seat

The height of the modern desk chair must also be capable of being adjusted. Its height should support the shoulders and head properly. Because a 2-metre tall person cannot use the same chair height as a 1.50-metre tall person, so being able to adjust its height will help us to maintain a more ergonomic posture and prevent future discomfort. If the computer chair is too low, our lumbar region will suffer and if it is too high, we will force the vertebrae and muscles. It must also be possible to adjust the position of the seat in relation to the backrest so that it is not too tight, which could cause digestive and blood flow issues. The size of the seat must also be taken into account. It should be wide enough for us to be able to sit comfortably in the middle and still have some space around us. Furthermore, the front of the seat should be tilted downwards so that it does not squeeze the back of the knees or hinder blood flow in the legs. At Ofichairs, you will only find the best quality chairs guaranteed, from high-end armchairs to meeting table chairs and designer chairs. As experts in seating, we take care of every last detail to ensure that our products are durable and comfortable. Because design alone is not enough; quality and finish are also important when it comes to opting for one model over another. Choose Ofichairs

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