• Croma Armchair High White
  • Croma Armchair High White
  • Croma Armchair High White
  • Croma Armchair High White
  • Croma Armchair High White
  • Croma Armchair High White
  • Croma Armchair High White
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Croma Armchair High White

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Faux leather

Synthetic leather is a type of material adapted to simulate real leather. There have been great technical progress in this field in recent years, with increasingly soft and sturdy materials becoming available. Its main advantages Synthetic leather

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Fixed armrests

Chair equipped with fixed armrests. Fitting a chair with armrests reduces the stress on the user´s elbows, shoulder blades and back. Different ergonomics studies guarantee that working with the arms supported lightens the load on the invertebral discs helping to maintain a healthier posture.

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Daily 8-hour use

This chair is suitable due to its morphological conditions for daily use of more than 8 hours. It is an ideal chair for professional and intensive use which can also be used Daily use 8 hours

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Relax Mechanism

The axis of rotation is slightly ahead of the chair´s natural axis so that, when the front edge of the seat is tilted, it stays in its fixed position. . The advantage of this type of mechanism is that, by tilting the chair backwards, contact is maintained between the feet and the ground while the body moves into a relaxed position. This ensures good blood flow in the muscle area.

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Descripción completa

Croma is a 2 designer armchair that surprises due to the quality of all its finishes. The perfect model that combines design, elegance and comfort in equal measure.  Available in various colours and sizes. This is an extremely attractive, elegant and modern armchair.


Some quality details: the entire chromed steel frame and the multi-position relaxation mechanism provides flexibility in our movements. The base of the armchair is made of aluminium in a chrome finish, matching the wheels and the armchair´s entire structure. The upholstery is very comfortable, with elegant horizontal seams, more than an office chair, this looks like a chair for relaxing. The base and arms are made of high quality and sturdy chrome-plated aluminium.

Professional use

This model is specially designed to be used for long periods of time, is certified for up to 8 hours of use per day. This is a professional armchair, perfect as an executive chair.


Available in a wide variety of colour and measurement options. You can see the high backrest version here. It is also available with a low backrest, a perfect size for meeting tables, which you can see here. It is also available as a guest chair here. A very complete collection to meet any office´s furnishing needs with the Ofichairs guarantee.

  • Multi-position relaxation mechanism
  • Exclusive and elegant design
  • Chromed steel perimeter frame
  • Polished aluminium base
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Robust and sturdy

Información técnica

height from the ground 122/132
seat height 48-58
seat depth 46
wheels 11x60mm (silent rolling)
packaging measures 83X57X51cm
material Faux leather
arms Fixed armrests
Daily use Daily 8-hour use
maximum weight up to 120kg
approved Manufactured in accordance with the European EN-1335 standard
kind Swivel
Instructions Instructions.pdf
Croma Armchair High White