• Duo Armchair High Sand
  • Duo Armchair High Sand
  • Duo Armchair High Sand
  • Duo Armchair High Sand
  • Duo Armchair High Sand
  • Duo Armchair High Sand
  • Duo Armchair High Sand
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Descripción completa

New model: DUO office armchair model (high 75cm backrest). It is perfect for any office or study, you can complete this fantastic chair with the medium backrest from the same collection. Duo is an armchair that has it all, quality, elegance and personality.


It has very stylish lines as well as beautiful curved aluminium armrests. Its entire structure is made of aluminium, a noble and elegant material that will take your office to the next level. Its elegant colour proposal with two-colour upholstery is very modern and elegant


This is an armchair designed for professional use, as you can see_x000D_ in the quality of all its components, so you can be sure that this chair will last you many years. It is specially designed to support weights of up to 150kg. You can imagine just how sturdy it is.


It also includes a unique rocker system, by moving the lever out the chair goes into this mode, by re-inserting the lever the chair goes back into its normal fixed position. As you will see this functionality is very useful as it allows you to choose between several positions as you wish. This complex mechanism is only included in high-end chairs, a luxury now within your reach.


It is not just a beautiful model, it is also surprisingly comfortable as it has all the extras when it comes to comfort. This is a very complete model with everything that one could want. Chairs of this quality and design normally cost much more in traditional stores.


Duo is a very complete armchair, that comes in various colours and sizes. At this link you can see the version with a high backrest . If you were looking for a smaller chair to use as a guest chair or at a meeting table, there is a low backrest option.

Información técnica

height from the ground 125-133
seat height 50-58
seat depth 50
wheels 11x60mm (silent rolling)
packaging measures 108x66x66cm
material Synthetic leather
maximum weight up to 150kg
approved Manufactured in accordance with the European EN-1335 standard
kind Swivel
Instructions Instructions.pdf

Refurbished product. Defect level 2.    Find more information here


Duo Armchair High Sand

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Duo Armchair High Sand